Implant Restoration

Fixed-Removable Restorations

Fixed removable restorations have a dual meaning as the name implies. The prosthesis is constructed as either a crown & bridge restoration or a denture restoration. The prosthetic component of this type restoration is non-removable by the patient. However, it can be removed by our office for periodic cleaning and maintenance.

Removable Restorations

These prosthetic restorations are fully removable by the patient on a daily basis to allow for cleaning procedures. They are attached to your dental implants by either clips or snaps which allow for a secure retention while chewing and eating, but also allow for ease of removal. Removable restorations are generally used for full arch or long span (multiple tooth) restorations.

The type of prosthetic restorations that are suitable for each individual are determined on a case-by-case basis. The pros and cons of each prosthesis, as well as the associated surgical needs and costs, are discussed with each patient prior to the commencement of treatment.