In a move that stunned many in the dental world, the American Dental Association House of Delegates enacted amendments to the ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct that acknowledge dental specialties recognized in a practitioner’s jurisdiction even if not formally recognized by the ADA.

The amendment now allows Educationally Qualified Dentists to announce as Specialists !!

Patients now have more information to help them make better choices for their health care services and are now able to better differentiate those individual dental practitioners that hold advanced educational certification from non-specialists. The ADA commented that this amendment would support the primary goal of….benefitting the patient !!

The AAID and ABOI are the only dental implant organizations that offer credentials recognized by state and federal courts as being bona fide.


Advances in medical technology and xray capabilties have led to the convenience of 3D Digital Xray scanning right in the office !  This now eliminates the need to travel to an offsite xray center for advanced 3D scans of the face and jaws.

With advanced 3D scanning, we are able to view in precise detail,  specific conditions relating to many dental and surgical needs. Cysts, tumors, sinus conditions, jaw fractures, infections, wisdom teeth, TMJ, bone discrepencies and other conditions, can now be diagnosed with advanced 3D scans.

Bone quantity and density can now be precisely scanned and diagnosed for dental implant and associated surgical procedures. This process allows more detailed and specific pre-surgical and prosthetic planning for many procedures. In addition, we are able to more precisely diagnose and plan surgical procedures and associated costs.

And most insurance plans cover the associated costs of 3D scanning!!