Hospital Dentistry

As a staff member of Advent Health – Fish Memorial Hospital, we are able to offer out-patient and in-patient hospital dental services for select patients who require hospitalization as a result of various advanced medical conditions or anesthesia requirements that can not be successfully treated in the office. Following a thorough medical and dental examination, Dr. Crowther will advise any potential patient of the need for hospitalization for needed services. Our staff will assist in the coordination of all services needed, both dental and hospital.

While hospital treatments are generally more costly than traditional dental treatments that are office based, many patients require the advanced services that only a hospital setting can provide. Many of these treatments are performed on an out-patient basis, which allows the patient to go home the same day or within 23 hours of treatment in an effort to reduce costly hospital stays. However, if conditions exist that require a longer stay, we will coordinate all arrangements with the hospital for your continued care.